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But AMDP methods are executed like static methods, even though they are defined as instance methods. When does AMDP execute in underlying database? Answer: When AMDP is executed, the ABAP Kernel calls the database procedure in the underlying database SAP HANA. AMDP makes the database procedure available at runtime in the database. Database Procedures as ABAP Managed Database Procedures With HANA Database, many options are available to write application logic at DB level which was not possible in earlier conventional databases. DATABASE PROCEDURE- These are queries written in using SAP HANA SQL Script syntax and used to implement some application logic that allows.

12/12/2014 · This video tutorial shows how to extend an ABAP Managed Database Procedure AMDP in a modification-free manner using an AMDP Business Add-In BAdI as of SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.4 SP08 powered by SAP. 26/10/2015 · Learn how to debug ABAP Managed Database Procedures AMDP using ABAP Development Tools ADT starting with SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.5. In this video you will learn how to activate and deactivate AMDP debugger, create and manage AMDP breakpoints, step through AMDP procedures, inspect variables and last but not least you will learn. We all know that ABAP Managed Database Procedure is introduced by SAP to develop SQL script based programs called as Database Procedures. Since we no longer need a database user to program the database procedures, it has become increasingly easy to access data from different database schema using SQL script by implementing AMDP methods.

Unlike ABAP transformation, where row level processing is possible, in AMDP, data is processed as a package using an INSERT AS SELECT on the calculation scenario generated. In this blog, we will focus on tips and tricks used in converting ABAP code to AMDP scripts and concentrate on the most frequently used ABAP keywords. Calling ABAP artifacts directly in AMDP is not possible. One of possible workarounds is: 1. have SDI ABAP adapter. 2. in desired ABAP system to which SDI ABAP adapter is pointing create datasource based on function module where inside function module use desired ABAP artifact. Summary: Extend an ABAP Managed Database Procedures using AMDP BADI. With ABAP 7.4 SP08, the modification-free enhancement of AMDPs is now possible using so-called AMDP BAdIs. The AMDP BAdIs transmit the effect of the switches from the Switch Framework to the implementation of database procedures in the current database.

ABAP CDS Table Function Implemented by AMDP ABAP CDS Table Function defines table function which are native to the database. ->The CDS table function has a set of input parameters and a set of return parameters. The result is is a TABULAR format with return fields. ->Actual implementation happens in a AMDP. Hi Expert, I am trying to create an ABAP CDS table, but I need to do some row-level processing in AMDP implementation, but I don\'t know how to return the result table variable in this AMDP implementation. the AMDP code as below: as above, the final r.

Why did SAP not allow SELECT OPTIONS to be directly used in AMDP as in normal ABAP? Ans: We would request experts to provide some explanation to this query. We feel SAP deliberately chose this path to push down the select option to database level in.

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