Int A = 300 B C |

Output of above program is that b will contain garbage value and c will be 200. Because if condition fails as300>=400 is false so b=300; is not executed and c becomes equal to 200. So b contains some garbage value as nothing is assigned to it. if mineral admixture add into concrete then what is the differences between full cement concrete & fly ash added concrete of their SP. Gr.?and for the changes of SP. Gr. what is the changes in concrete. Let's step through your code. int a=300,b,c; We have three int variables: a, set to 300, and also b and c, which contain the unknown contents of the memory they. We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. hi friend in c we fallow generally standered calling convension which decides 2 things 1. the order in which arguments are passed to a fn 2. the cleanup of stack elements former to store formal arguments and local variable in c using standard calling convention arguments are passed in right to left order so initially we have x=15.

More C Interview Questions Program to find larger of the two numbers without using if-else,while,for,switch 11 Answers Wipro, iNautix. 17/02/2006 · The fastest way to determine c = bytea & b. C / C Sharp Forums on Bytes.

Write a program that produces these three columns sequence nos. using loop statement Sequence nos. Squared Squared5 1 1 6 2 4 9 3 9 14 4 16 21 5 25 30. 22/02/2012 · & represents the address of the variable. defines a pointer pointers point to addresses in your case, you are sending the address of a variable to a function, thus you are making direct changes in a function to the variables being sent.

Execute and Explain the Output for the Given Code - 513241. C Programming [MCQ]: Features of C Multiple Choice Questions: C Programming MCQ.

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